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“I love my VitaJuwel bottle! By having the stones in a capsule and thus without having direct contact with water, you can use any type of gem without having to limit yourself, since some are not suitable to drink after the contact with water. That’s how you can take advantage of all the gems and their energetic possibilities without worries. Apart from being protected it is not necessary to clean them constantly and they last for years. I just love drinking the water from the VitaJuwel bottle, because it makes my water feeling purer, with a lighter energy.”


Mislene Montoro

Fashion Model, Fitness Enthusiast


“Since I was a little girl I was entranced by the power of crystals and gems, as an adult I am an avid practitioner/user of their influence in our universe and life. Before I became aware of VitaJuwel I would awkwardly place loose gems in bottles to create gem water for different ailments. VitaJuwel is integral to motivate me during my busy yoga life to drink the healthiest, balanced, charged water I can, naturally, and I encourage all my athletes to do the same!”


Gwen Lawrence

Yogi & Yoga Coach to Professional Athletes


"Being a true believer in the power of crystals I came across VitaJuweL crystal water bottles. As a water connoisseur I’ve Always stressed the importance of the quality of water we consume.

I already knew the science behind crystals AND their ability to change water molecules but never did I expect to experience the taste difference in my gem water.

In my effort to drink the best water on the planet EVERY DAY, VitaJuwel fits right into my regime…and it tastes just like a cloud!

Kreesha Turner

6-times Canadian Grammy-nominee
platinum-selling singer


“I have been using my VitaJuwel gem water bottle for these past months and it's changed my drinking water experience. First, I love that I'm making an impact on the environment. Gone are the days of using plastic water bottles. Secondly, they're beautifully crafted. The bottle is sturdy, the lids remove with ease, and they're convenient to drink out of and clean when need be. Lastly, the gem stones emit beautiful energy and I feel GOOD drinking water from my gem water bottle. I have the "Luna" bottle and I really resonate with that.
Thank you, VitaJuwel, for making such a beautiful product.”

Lindsay Maxwell


"As a former Olympic Athlete I know how fundamentally important the quality of fresh water is to support my body’s functions. VitaJuwel helped me decisively to improve my daily drinking habits. My ViA bottle always motivates me to drink what I believe to be the World’s Best Water.

Rebecca Soni

Founder of RISE - ELITE
3x Gold in Breaststroke, Olympic Games 2008 / 2012
3x Silver in Breaststroke, Olympic Games 2008 / 2012
8 World Records in Breaststroke


Wellness Hub

“From the first time I encountered VitaJuwel, I was captivated by the entire product line and the incredibly talented team behind the brand. Their craftsmanship, beauty and reusability was undoubtedly what caught my eye. I bought my first Via Bottle as a gift for myself and then bought a few for my family. Soon enough, it became the only water container that we were all using… period! There is such a pleasing taste and sensation from drinking water out of my Via Bottle and it also helps me stay hydrated, balanced and energized throughout my day. After enjoying the taste and discovering the benefits for myself, I felt it was important to introduce VitaJuwel as part of my Health Coaching Tool-Kit at Mercedes Jalil Wellness Hub. Today, our clients not only enjoy the many benefits of drinking gem-infused water, but also help reduce the impact disposable bottles have on our planet.”

Mercedes Jalil

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


St. Francis Winery & Vineyards

"Our staff, myself included, enjoy using VitaJuwel on a daily basis. We display these distinctly unique gemstone vials and decanters together for a dramatic stunning visual impact. This certainly gets our guests attention and opens up the conversation in regard to their health benefits for both water & wine which usually leads to their desire to own one or several VitaJuwel pieces for their own or to gift a lucky friend or family member."

Sharon Westphal

Hospitality & Merchandise Coordinator
St. Francis Winery & Vineyards, Sonoma Valley, California


The Waldorf Astoria Spa at The Roosevelt New Orleans

We have a VitaJuwel Grande Dispenser in our relaxation room and our guests absolutely love it! It blends in perfectly with our exclusive ambience and makes drinking water exciting. At the same time, guests spend time reading the VitaJuwel brochures and on their way out they walk by our retail area with VitaJuwel products. Perfect marketing.


Jill Haidler

Spa Director
Waldorf Astoria Spa
The Roosevelt, New Orleans


“I received a VitaJuwel Via water bottle as a gift a few years ago, and the energy of the water started shifting my overall vibration quickly - my life started improving in all aspects! At the time, I was already familiar with crystal energy and had been working with crystals, but was amazed at how quickly my life started changing once I’d incorporated VitaJuwel (the crystal energy) to improve the water I was drinking… It takes crystal energy to a cellular level! My body and energy felt much more balanced, and my intuition and inspiration improved. The biggest change I experienced within the first month, was deciding to become a Certified Crystal Healer. The change in career path has been life changing, and I love teaching others about crystals and how crystal energy can benefit them. VitaJuwel is a wonderful crystal-based product that can help with improving your life, and I love using my Via water bottle every day.“


Jessica Roth

Certified Energy & Crystal Healer


Six Senses

The Soneva Group is a world leading sustainable luxury resort operator. The Soneva Resorts, who took on a ground-breaking role amongst international hoteliers with regard to sustainability and environmental friendliness, are not offering commercially purchased drinking water to their guests. Instead, the guests have the pleasure to enjoy in-house drinking water: Local water that is first tested for pollutants, then is filtered, and finally is prepared. As special highlight the water is energized with VitaJuwel when served. Regardless whether in your suite, at dinner in the restaurant, or in the spa area, the guests are served the finest gemstone water: All out of respect for nature, health, and well-being of humans.

"According to the original meaning of SPA - Sanus per Aquam, „Health through Water“ - we use VitaJuwel gemwater as an essential part of our spa treatments for a long time already. Our goal is to bring body and mind of our guests in harmony from the outside and from the inside. Therefore we use our own cosmetics line and gemwater, that is individually aligned to our guests and their treatment. Our guests enjoy VitaJuwel before, during and after each treatment."


Tünde Torhosi

CEO of myspirits Skincare Spa & Beauty Manager of Spirit Hotel ThermalSpa and NaturMed Hotel Carbona

Nothing runs without gemwater

"As a personal trainer, the most important advice I give my clients is: Take enough water with you for your session and don't wait until you're thirsty to start drinking. During physical exercise, with our rising temperatures and perspiration, we're losing lots of fluid. A glass or bottle of 16.9 fl oz of water right before your exercise is the perfect way to get started. A loss of fluids can lead to fatigue and discomfort. Training should be fun, so I stay hydrated. My ViA is my constant companion at the gym and on the track!"


Roxana Strasser

Personal Trainer, roxisecke

"I've been drinking gemwater from VitaJuwel gemwands for years, and when I had my first glass I could immediately taste a difference compared to regular purified water. I'm personally reminded of fresh spring water and can sense a structural change in the water's composition. I offer gemwater to all my acupressure massage clients, the response is always one of amazement when shown photos of the molecular change in the water: them becoming to look like snowflakes. Some clients have memories associated with spring water from their childhood return when drinking gemwater, others can feel the energy flow through their entire body. I'm very happy to have crossed paths with VitaJuwel and all the wonderful people there and I highly recommend their products for home and professional use. Cheers to good water!"


Jess Maron

Acupressure Massage Therapist, Indigo Intuitive Acupressure Massage, jessmaron.com

"I am truly in LOVE with VitaJuwel! Never before have I hydrated the way I do now. Water actually tastes more delicious and nourishing when infused with VitaJuwel crystals. A visual feast for the eyes, plus the healing effects of the stones, AND a measurable increase in alkalinity & oxygenation, and a decrease in toxin levels?! Yes! My Sunday morning ritual…cleansing all my ViA’s, filling them with fresh water, and getting them ready to grab n go during my busy work weeks. If I have my VitaJuwel bottle, I’m going to drink! Such an honor to offer these fine vessels in my wellness center in Northern California and worldwide to my customers. Thank you to the whole VitaJuwel family for providing such a unique and beneficial product to the world. Water IS life, and I choose VitaJuwel to enhance mine!"


Michelle Welty

Owner of Redwood Raindrop Harmonics,