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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GemWater?

VitaJuwel has rediscovered an ancient Greek tradition of infusing water with gemstones. Using this method, the water you are drinking can be restructured and revitalized with its original quality like fresh from the spring.


2. Is there proof that the gems change the properties of water?

Crystal images by Dr. Emoto‘s laboratory verified that water treated with VitaJuwel regains its original, natural energy and thus is comparable to fresh spring water. Also, German scientists have proven that water becomes more alkaline and the oxygen content increases with VitaJuwel.


3. What are the benefits of using VitaJuwel?

It's safe and a hygienic way of restructuring your drinking water with crystals. No risk from chemical impurities. No bacterial contamination by dirty stones. No potential poisoning by pollutant discharge. No accidental damage caused by stone chips. Universal application, especially in drinking water. Easy maintenance and easy cleaning.


4. How do the gems affect the water although they are sealed inside the GemPod / Vial / Droplet?

It's a common misunderstanding that crystal water or GemWater is made in a process that includes minerals dissolving in water. You actually DON'T want to have a physical component from gems / crystals dissolving in your water as it doesn't improve it at all. GemWater is made by the subtle radiation of the gems.


5. What keeps me from preparing GemWater by simply placing the gems directly in the water?

The perfect way to avoid hazardous substances emitting from gems and crystals in preparing GemWater is to use VitaJuwel as the gems are sealed in GemPod / Vial / Droplet. Therefore, you can infuse the water without having direct physical contact.


6. Does GemWater taste different than regular water?

Almost all of our customers report a difference in taste between regular drinking water and GemWater. Even the different VitaJuwel gem blends are reported to taste different. The difference is often perceived as very subtle, as a change in the texture of the water. Try for yourself!


7. How long am I supposed to leave my Vial / Droplet in my water?

GemWater experts suggest that you leave your Vial / Droplet in a decanter in the water for 7 - 10 minutes to get the full experience.


8. How do I clean my Vial / Wine Decanter?

Vials and Wine Decanter are NOT dishwasher-safe. Wash them by hand using lukewarm water. Do not use chemicals or abrasive cleaners. To remove lime scale from inside the decanter, fill it with water and 2 tbsp. of white vinegar. Leave it overnight and rinse it very thoroughly with clean water the next day.


9. How do I clean my Era Decanter?

It's super easy to clean. You might use brushes . And gently hand wash it with natural detergent and warm water.


10. How do I clean my ViA Bottle?

Detach GemPod from the bottle. Unscrew the glass part with the stone from the lid. Take the silicone washers out of the lids and clean everything thoroughly with a mild detergent. Rinse it well and let it air dry overnight. It is also dishwasher-safe.


11. How long after I remove my Vial / Droplet will the water stay infused?

That depends a lot on the quality of the water you use to prepare your GemWater with and any sources of radiation nearby that might influence the water's structure. Experience has shown that filtered water with no nearby radiation stays infused for up to 2 days.


12. For how long do the gems emit their energy? Do I have to recharge the gem products?

In our personal belief, the gems do not have to be recharges and won't lose their "powers" in our lifetime. All of the crystals we use are hand-selected, natural pieces taken from the earth. They are age-old and have been created in red heat, eons ago.


13. What kind of water works best to create GemWater?

We recommend to use purified water. Either bottled (but please don't buy plastic bottles!) or filtered at home. 


14. Is Vial / Droplet very fragile? How do I handle it properly?

Our master glassblowers know their trade and create gem vials from lead-free glass that are very sturdy and robust. But PLEASE be aware that they are made of glass. Handle them with the same care as a precious wine glass. Avoid impacts, blows or strokes. Don't drop it. Don't freeze, boil or microwave it. Avoid temperatures below 45° F and above 95° F. 


15. Can I use my Vial / Droplet to prepare tea or coffee?

Of course you can heat up GemWater and use it to prepare tea or coffee, but please remove your Vial / Droplet first! We know from physics that boiling changes the structure of the water. The same way, boiling will affect GemWater. We have lots of customers who report that tea tastes more aromatic when prepared with GemWater.


16. Does my Vial / Droplet also work with other beverages like juices or alcoholic drinks?

Lots of GemWater lovers report that they use their Vials / Droplets with juices with the effect that they taste less acidic.
Our Vino and Phiolino, filled with amethysts and clear quartz, also softens the wine's natural acids and makes it taste smoother. 


17. Would I find an identical pattern and color between two ViA bottles?

Gems and crystals of VitaJuwel are natural products, and may vary in size, shape, and color. The look of each gem in VitaJuwel may differ from the images depicted on marketing materials (Web page, brochure, etc.) and from each other.


18. What gem blend works best for me?

Every blend focuses on different aspects. Finding the right blend for you depends a lot on what purpose you'd like to use the vial for and where your special needs and wishes lie. 


19. How are the Vials made?

Each of our Vials is handcrafted by master glassblowers in Bohemia. They use premium, lead-free glass and hand-selected gems.


20. Can I change the gems inside my ViA Bottle / Vial / Droplet?

We don't recommend doing that. Every gem blend we offer has been tested and tried by thousands of people. Combination of different blends haven't.

If you are interested in choosing your gems, you can check out inu! Bottle here.


21. What do I do when my gem product is damaged?

Before every use, please make sure your gem product is free of any damages. If it has cracks or other damages, STOP USAGE immediately. Damaged gem products are not safe for usage and may cause physical harm. The liquid inside Vials / Droplets / GemPods is NOT hazardous. If you have swallowed any pieces from your product SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION.


22. Can I combine different Vials in one Decanter?

We don't recommend doing that. Every gem blend we offer has been tested and tried by thousands of people. Combination of different blends haven't.


23. How long will my delivery take?

For delivery information, please go to our Delivery section.