Revealing the tradition of ancient Greek crystal healing, VitaJuwel provides you with this Wellness cleanse pump glass dispenser that is easy to refill and clean. Equipped with a special blend of dreamy-hued moonstones, this one soothes your mind and emotions.

This exclusive moonstone blend transfers its positive vibrations to the water that surrounds the vial and are scientifically proven to balance the PH level and increase the bio-availability of minerals in the water.

Our multifunctional dispenser is perfect for homes and offices. It features a stainless-steel Pump, Spray, Pour head, and – like our ViA Crystal Water bottles – a removable pod, filled with precious gems.

The Dispenser holds 300ml. and is easy to refill and clean. Whether for your olive oil, sanitizers gel, massage oil and many more, the Treat Series is your best choice.

Treat Series Happiness Pump!

Designed in the German Alps, our sustainable glass dispenser helps to reduce plastic waste and to save the environment. Made from extra-durable and lead-free borosilicate glass and BPA-free components. We’ve included our special HAPPINESS gemstone blend (jade, orange calcite, carnelian, clear quartz) which you already know from our ViA Bottles and Gemstone Vials. It stands for


It holds 300ml. and is easy to refill and clean. The perfect dispenser for all kinds of liquid soaps, lotions, massage oils and hand sanitizers. Gift yourself with some HAPPINESS in troubled times. One pump at a time