New Wholesale Inquiries 

We're growing our network of incredible stores that carry VitaJuwel!

Good things to know

Our Guarantee

You can take confidence in knowing you will NOT find better wholesale pricing on our products ANYWHERE. We adhere to strictly enforced wholesale pricing across the board for all our wholesale clients. All retailers are required to adhere to a Minimum Advertised Price Policy. That includes our own online store!

We love to do trainings

We can arrange a fun face to face session with your staff.

Our goal is to help you sell

As a VitaJuwel Hong Kong client, you will receive our exclusive Retailer Collateral & Merchandising Package including paper bag, display cards, and brochures.

We point people your way

People love to experience VitaJuwel. Your store location(s) will be included in our interactive store locator to make it easy for gem lovers in your neck of the woods to find you.

Contact Us

To inquire about becoming a retail partner, please contact us at         It will give us a better sense of who you are and how we can grow together.